Sydney - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This year I want to go to Zones. Zones is a high qualifying swim meet for 18 year olds and younger. I have been swimming on and off since I was five years old. When I was younger, I could probably swim better than I could walk or run. The first meet I ever went to was when I was five.

Zones has been a goal for me for quiet a while. Last year I was in the best of shape I have ever been in. I swam 6 times a week. I could eat whatever I wanted, I felt good, and I was fast. The group that I was in was called Piranha Power group. In this group there were a couple of requirements. Some of the requirements were: you had to make six practices a week, you had to make the group meetings, and you had to make at least two meets per trimester. I made all of these for a while. I had fun swimming so much and I was getting faster and faster. Then at Winter Championships, I got swimmer’s ear during the middle of the weekend. I was devastated. I worked so hard and then I got sick. After about a month I swam once and then I decided I need a break. This was a bad decision. I took a break over the whole summer. I hadn’t swam for about 6 months when I got back into the water in the fall.

In the fall I started out with the High School team because the Piranhas were on break. In swimming it takes most swimmers a week at most to build their strength… for me it takes me at least a month if not more. At the end of the practice I was tired and my face was burning from working so hard. The sad part about this was the practices were not hard.

I am now in good shape. Not in the best shape as I was last year because I am not swimming with the higher group. I think I will make zones if I make as many practices I can. Now I am asking myself, why am I not swimming with Power group? Well I think I got so sick because I was stressed. I got up at a quarter to five on the mornings I swam and sometimes I couldn’t sleep the night before. I was stressed with school and life in general. I had no time for friends, family or myself.

Now that I am swimming with the lower group I am not as busy and I have fun swimming. I look forward most days going to practice now. I say to myself I want to go to swimming instead of I have to go to swimming. If I try my hardest and I believe in myself then I will achieve my goal. It will take a lot of hard work but I will go, if not this year then next year.