Dannah - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Did you ever feel alone? Like no one was there for you? Well it’s important to have friends who care. In 9th grade I remember having friends but I felt as though they really didn’t care about me as a person what so ever. They listened to me talk about my drama only to spread it around later. I only had one true friend names Kenzie that really cared for me, although she went to another school. I sat with my old friends but never really told them much anymore. I used other things to get through the day such as music, but it never really helped as much as Kenzie did. She was my dearest and closest friend who has been through everything with me, tears and all. She loved me no matter what I did or said. When people where rude she was there to lift my sprits back up and say their comments didn’t matter to me through everything she was there. Friends are the most important things you can have after family. I know I’ve said friends don’t matter but when it really came down to the line, no one was there to talk to, to explain my feelings to, so in the end I was wrong they really do matter. I have fought with Kenzie many many times but in the end she is there for me and I am there for her. She is always there to be by my side, she is a year older than me and so she helps me through my trials by telling me her mistakes and how to not make them too. She shows how much she loves me just by doing this, she listens to me whine about friends but then listens to my stupid little things about how I tripped down the stairs or I even spilled milk on my pants at lunch. Those are the kind of true real friends that you can have that listen to you through everything, funny and serious. Who even care enough to threaten to beat up that friend that’s being a jerk. Friends are the most important thing you can have no matter what. I really learned this through gaining a stronger friendship with my best friend Kenzie. I learned to make it through life you need at least one good friend that you can tell your deepest secrets to, and not worry about keeping everything bottled up inside. Learn who your friends are and who aren’t you friends but are just using you for something. This has happened in my life and set me back when I could be doing something more useful than trying to fix broken friendships that would be broken many more times and in many cases some are still broken. Then can help you or beak you, chose good friends that are really important to you and will help you not just leave you when they have finally decided that they have had enough but will stick with your forever just like my friend Kenzie did.