Pressure From Parents

Taylor - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood

Pressure From Parents

“I am secretly glad that my parents are strict with me.”

I love this quote because it fits my life almost perfectly. My parents are always tough on me about what I can and can’t do. Sometimes this aggravates me, but I am constantly reminded that they have had more experience than I have and they probably know what is better for me than I probably do. I am the oldest child in my family, so sometimes I’m the guinea pig that gets to go through teenage life and learn from my mistakes with the help of my friends and my parents.

My parents are strict with me when it comes to school. They expect all A’s and B’s but preferably just all A’s. It has become a standard for me and I’m glad that I’m able to accomplish this goal. I am punished whenever I get a low grade in a class, or when I get a low scoring grade on a test or any other exam.

My parents are also strict with me whenever opportunities pop up for me to go and be able to hang out with a few friends. They have to know where I’m going to be, who’s going to be there, and what we’re going to do, and everything else that parents need to know. Since I’m a good student and I’m an all-around good kid, I’m usually able to go somewhere and spend time with a few friends. The only exception is whenever I’m asked to go somewhere and there are going to be girls there also. The first few times they were very hesitant to let me go, but they have come to trust me to make good decisions on my own. Because of this increase of trust in me, I have been able to go to several places that they would’ve never let me go to if I had asked them for their permission about two months ago.

I believe that parents should be strict with their children, because it helps them prepare for when they graduate from high school and are on their own. I have challenged my parents about how strict they are with me several times. One of those times my dad told me something that I have remembered whenever they don’t let me go somewhere or do something with a few friends. He told me that he and my mom are strict with me because they love me and want me to make good decisions. He also added that all of the children that have parents that let them do whatever they want anytime they want are the losers that you have to room with in college. I find that very true and I believe it with all my heart. I look forward to being a parent and I am going to set most of the same guidelines my parents have set for me.