With Hard Work

Krista - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

The shadows of night fell upon me as I watched. The sand wriggled beneath my toes and I was overwhelmed. She was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. She moved deliberately with one purpose. New life was on her mind.

As she began to lay her eggs we followed our guide to the nest she made. It was made with skill that could only be achieved with years of practice. The edges were as smooth as glass. It fell down to the perfect depth, neither too deep nor too shallow. I watched as each egg, soft and delicate yet strong, dropped into her nest. Each egg was wonderful.

As I watched I couldn’t help but let my mind wander and ponder. How can each little egg hold a life so great? How does she know where to find the beach where she was born? How can eggs the size of ping-pong balls reveal creatures that will grow so large?

I let my gaze return to her. She had finished laying the delicate masterpieces and now covered her eggs with the surrounding sands. She did this with gentle yet firm flippers strengthened from years of swimming through endless seas. We watched with wonder as she finished covering her eggs. She slid back into the waters and let the waves carry her back out to sea. She was an amazing sea turtle.

Afterwards we set to work on the nest. First we carefully scooped away the white sands until we reached the beautiful eggs. We then re-buried the eggs, gently smoothing the sand until the eggs were completely covered once again. A grate, made of wires, was placed atop the spot which held the nest. The holes were large enough for baby sea turtles to climb through. We staked the grate down and covered it from view with sand. We then marked the nest with a wooden stake to let all who let their eyes fall upon that spot know that beneath lie the eggs of a sea turtle. This was all so that the eggs could sleep free from harm. The grate protects the eggs from being eaten by hungry predators like raccoons or seagulls.

It was while watching this amazing event in the lives of these sea turtles that I realized something. This that I realized formed into a belief that I grasp close to me and hold on to help me in times of need. This is that with hard work anything is possible. The sea turtle journeyed for miles through the endless ocean to reach this beach on which she was born. She then carefully built a nest before laying her legs deep within. She then hid it as best she could. None of these were easy tasks but still she remained persistent. She tried and she succeeded in bringing new lives to this world, even though it was not easy. I know that if I persist with hard work I can accomplish anything.