Baby Jesus

Taylor - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe every family has a baby Jesus, whether they want one or not. Normally the baby Jesus is the baby of the family or the only child. They get whatever they want when they want it. They never do anything wrong and can get away with anything. They are the prized child of the family. My youngest sister who is six just so happens to be the baby Jesus of my family. I remember several times when she has done something that I have done in the past and she has gotten away with it while I got grounded.

One time my sister was over at our neighbor’s house and she didn’t come home when she needed to. My mom scolded her and told her not to do it again or she wouldn’t be able to play the rest of the week. The next day my sister did the exact same thing and the most my mom could say was that she couldn’t play the next day. I really thought she would have gotten in trouble but no she is the baby Jesus.

Another instance was when my sister had just got home from school. My mom always gives us chores to do after school. My sister is always to busy watching TV and as a result she is always running around the house at the last minute trying to finish her chores. She doesn’t finish them and so I’m the scapegoat who gets stuck with her chores. Since I have no older siblings there is no one for me to dump the work on so my parents get ground me for not doing what she was told because she is the baby Jesus.

I know it sounds silly because she is only six but if she gets away with little things like that, I can only imagine what she will get away with when she gets older. What if she skips school? Will she only get scolded where as I would be grounded for forever? If she goes to jail will my parents care or will they just be like oh well Kalli is in jail better go bail her out? When she gets older and has a job will she expect everyone to just excuse her of all of her mistakes and act like nothing went wrong?

I believe every family has one child that gets away with anything and everything. One they believe is literally Jesus and can do no wrong because he or she is the baby Jesus.