What Goes Around Comes Around

Michael - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule

“What Goes Around Comes Around”

My friends and I have become close for a few reasons. One of these reasons may surprise you. Usually every Friday night my friends and I hang out and do whatever pleases us. Often times this consists of going downstairs and beating each other senseless with whatever we can find. (We’re teenagers, what can I say?). It was on one of these Friday nights that I had an extremely painful experience. We were messing around in the basement when I decided we would have a pillow fight. I took the first swing and hit my friend right in the head. Immediately, the fight erupted. As time went on and we got tired, the pillow fight ended. My friend who I had first hit had not been avenged. He grabbed the nearest pillow and right when my back was turned he swung. Little did he know that the pillow he grabbed had some very hard objects in it. The pillow landed right on my head with agonizing pain. Of course I did not cry in front of my friends, but on the inside I was screaming. I had to ignore the pain until I got home.

I believe that if you go into a situation with the intent of hurting someone, it will probably not end well for you. If I had not started the fight in a sneak attack my friend wouldn’t have hit me in revenge, and I wouldn’t have a big bruise on my head. I will definitely think twice about hurting someone next time. This experience taught me two things. First, hurting someone is not the right thing to do, and second, if you are going to have a pillow fight, make sure your pillow doesn’t have hard objects in it.