Get Over It

Zachariah - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Recently I have been undergoing a radical transformation. A transformation that will hopefully lead to future success and happiness.

I started almost three years ago when my father got a job in Idaho. Soon after he got the job my family was on its way from Michigan, 1,800 miles away, to Idaho.

The trip itself could be fun at times but the reason for it was a sad one… I was moving away from every semblance of my former life in Michigan, never to see my best friends or the places I knew and loved.

In the first two years I was very negative. I refused to take opportunities because I didn’t care about my future. I didn’t want to make friends or get things done and I didn’t communicate very well, either.

But this year, almost three years after the move I started to change. I decided I would try to make the best out of this new state. I decided I would try to see more opportunities, and to be more devoted.

The cool thing is that I have done this all on my own. I’ve done this all on my own. Just by my own will I have improved my work ethic and I procrastinate less and less.

Then there was a specific event that brought about this drastic change. One day in the last class of my school day and my teacher, Pat Gyles presented us with a life changing opportunity (and it really was). It was a chance to go to one of the most prestigious academies in the U.S. and to receive an extraordinary education. He told us it would be just like going to college only it would be now, not in four years.

When he told me about the community, the food, the classes, and the people I pounced on it. I went through all the application processes and now must wait for the life changing answer: was I accepted? Did I make it in?

In the process of my transformation I have become a different person. I am more mellow, humble, and responsible. I take more opportunities and I believe that I am better off for this opportunity even if I don’t get accepted.