I am a Writer of…

joseph - dillon, Montana
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am a Writer of…

As I once heard writing should be a combination of words meant to tell a story, have a purpose or meaning. Writing to me is an escape as it is for many. It is a way to form my words perfectly before speaking them, or more detailed my fantasy world. I can create my self to be the world’s fastest man or invisible. No one can judge me; I can be the law that cannot be punished. I believe writing is a way to clear your mind, make your worries go a way, and correct your wrongs.

Writing can also be a powerful form of expression. Whether a person is trying to say thank you for a gift or give a presentation of persuasion on a topic of choice; writing can always assist. There is a phrase that reminds me of writing “hello is always accompanied by good bye.” Sometime people don’t get the chance to say good bye or the opportunity to say hi enough. With writing though a person can say it on paper and no matter who reads it or the meaning those two common, but simple words can always be remembered.

Personally trying to speak my thought to someone never works. I always lose my train of thought then end up sounding like I am trying to make up a sincere conversation on the spot. As I put my pen to paper my speech becomes clearer on paper. I can erase and re write as I please. Writing my mistakes can be fixed, but once I say something I can’t take it back with out the words being taking offensively or wrong.

This I believe about myself as a writer. I might not be the strongest, most influential, persuasive writer in the world, but to me I am. I can do anything with pen and paper. No one can stop or say anything as I write my emotion and imagination on paper.