I Believe in Baseball

Adam - Altoona, Iowa
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I Believe in Baseball

Baseball, referred to as America’s national pastime, is a sport that requires a great amount of teamwork. A person can be the hero of the game, or the goat; the person that carries the team to victory, or the person that loses the game on the swing of a bat, or a dire error that lets in the winning run. Everyone has to be working together as a unit to achieve victory. For that, I believe in baseball.

Personally, I think that baseball is, and will continue to be, the best sport on the planet. When I play baseball, I forget about all of the issues of everyday life. As a pitcher, all I concentrate on is helping my teammates and I getting back into the dugout without allowing any runs. I feel my best when I am on the pitcher’s mound. If I do get through an inning or even a game without allowing a run, it feels good to have my teammates congratulate me.

There are also times when I have bad days on the mound, when I just can’t seem to get my pitches to break right or throw strikes effectively. When I am the losing pitcher, it feels like I have let the whole team down. When that happens, I try to not let that discourage me, and I focus on trying to improve for my next start. That’s the great thing about baseball; most great major league pitchers give up over 2.5 runs a game and have about 5-10 losses. Giving up runs is a part of baseball.

I like to think that I am just as good as my last game was. I always strive to improve from my last performance. That’s another great thing about baseball: there is always an opportunity to improve from your last outing. I always try to remember that, and most of the time, it helps.