This I Believe…

Maddie - Plymouth, Minnesota
Entered on February 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear

I believe that people should not be afraid of anything. By being afraid, you are only weakening yourself. If you are not afraid of anything, but still have your common sense, you would be able to accomplish a lot more than with fear.

When I first came to West, just last year, in 7th grade, I was scared out of my mind of the new people I would have to face, the new teachers, and all the new experiences of being at a public school. It also did not help much that I was very shy and had a hard time opening up to people when I first meet them. Little did I know that West had some of the friendliest, and nicest people I had ever met. I would not have known this if I had not come out of my shell. Fearful and helpless, I would walk the school halls not making contact with anyone. A few weeks into school, I realized I needed to start talking to the classmates that attempted to be my friends. Mingling and branching, I slowly became more confident in myself. After opening up a ton, I came to love going to West and I had a bunch of great new friends, with the help of the only two girls I knew when I started out there. Obviously, now I am now known as loud but still kind of shy girl that can talk to just about anyone the second they meet each other. I am so happy I did not let my fear of branching out get in the way of myself meeting great new friends I still have today.

Another experience of my own was when I was in 6th grade. I had a major fear of sharks, planes and terrorists. Not a good combination when you are going on a flight to Florida! I remember complaining to my mom saying that we could not go on this trip because of the terrorists, plane crashes, and shark attacks in the waters of Florida, but of course, the decision was not in any law, up to me. If my parents had anything to say about it, I was going to Florida with the rest of the family. On that fearful day, I woke up about 4 hours before we were leaving. I can still feel the way my nerves fought in my stomach. The fact that I had just read a book about a young girl who was surfing that got her arm eaten off by a great white, had not helped my brains racing thoughts. I got on that plane to Florida scared as a newborn puppy, but came off the one in Minnesota as brave as a mighty lion! I was so proud I had not seen one shark while I was there; there was absolutely no turbulence on our flights, and of course, no terrorists! I was quit satisfied by our successful trip. That taught me that bad things happen, but not as often as people might think. That’s why you have to take the chance you get of getting hurt, or being scared, but do not let things like that hold you back from doing something fun or exciting!

A lot of people might say this theory is dumb because if you aren’t afraid to do anything you will end up doing something stupid, that you didn’t like they idea of in the first place. However, if you think about it, you still have your own common sense as everyone else does so you will not be just doing anything that is thrown your way. You have to think about it. If fear is the only thing holding you back from doing something beneficial, you go for it, but if it is something, you do not want to do, you simply do not do it.

The important thing is that there is no point to being scared, when you could be living your dreams instead. Whatever they are, it is possible. When you want to get the full experience of something, you will usually have to take some risks and you should just have fun with the moments you have to do so.