This I Believe

Gabriel - Paducah, Kentucky
Entered on February 1, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

In My Grandmother’s Footsteps…

I believe in you and I.

And I believe that you and I have the power to change the world but first, we must start here at home. In our own neighborhoods are pockets of need, and if we took the time to step away from the television, we might have the time to make a difference.

This I Believe…

I believe in the heart in you.

And that heart feels deeper than you allow it to feel sometimes…

Cause sometimes we might think that it’s much easier to close the door and let the world figure things out on its own but, the world is getting smaller. Now the things that used to just be part of someone else’s reality

are getting closer to our doorsteps. We are all connected can’t you see, that what connects you to your family are the things that connect you to me.

Right now, we are all feeling the tightening grip of a weakened economy desperate to hang on.

Families are being forced to foreclose on their dreams as more people lose their jobs and wind up on the streets.

Out of control health care is forcing others to choose between prescriptions and groceries.

This is happening right now in communities across the nation.

Maybe there’s someone you know, facing hard times.

Maybe this is your time to step up.

This is not some sixties hippie mentality.

Sometimes peace, love, and understanding are not enough.

Flower powered sit-ins are not going to cut it today.

It will require action to get us through this.

My Grandmother inspired me to think this way.

She lived her life in service to the people in her neighborhood.

Through her efforts, she helped bring a community together.

Looking in on those who needed help and finding ways to bring resources to them.

As a child, I would often tag along, as she made her rounds.

From the local hospital to the local homeless shelter to individual homes.

At the time, I didn’t understand how rare she was. I thought everyone’s grandmothers were like this.

I saw first hand the smiles and the looks of hope across faces that once looked close to giving up.

Her funeral was the biggest I had ever seen.

Those she had touched and even the families of people she had helped in the past all came out to say thank you.

Bringing with them stories of how one little lady with a big heart made such an impact.

Why can’t I do the same on a smaller scale?

The smallest act of kindness can bring about an enormous change.

To the folks in my neighborhood I say I am ready.

I am ready to stand with you.

For now I see how we rise and fall together.

Let our efforts to assist one another in times of need, spill over onto city streets.

So that other communities may learn from our example and unite to protect their own.

Let’s do it.

Let’s get up off the couch and take a step towards one another.

Tomorrow we can change the world, but today, let us begin here.

This I believe…

Because I believe in you.