This I Believe

Connor - Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Entered on February 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I think the greatest thing ever after a bad day at school is coming home to a new video game to play with your friends. They are my scapegoat and very fun. There is a wide variety of video games. Some are fun to play by myself, some are fun to play over the internet, and some are only fun if you are playing with someone in the same room. Sometimes, when you don’t have any money and there is nothing to do, it is best to just turn on your Xbox and play Rock Band for a couple of hours.

Video games give me something to escape to when I have a bad day. For example: I may have just failed my history test, but I can still go home and kill some terrorists and save the world. When I come home from a day at school, and I am angry the world, I can go on Xbox Live and laugh at some little British kid’s accent. There are also some rare cases when I come home and just try to be nice to a guy after a bad day. More times than not, he has had a bad day too and we can connect.

I completely disagree when health books and new articles say that playing video games before bed is bad for sleep because it stimulates the brain. I think it gives you some of the weirdest dreams. I would rather play video games before bed than read any day.

An old Xbox Live advertisement said, “Distance moves friends apart, Xbox Live brings them together.” I completely agree with this ad, because there is nothing better to do late on Sunday night than kill some zombies with your friends. Some people prefer to do homework, but I say that having a fun with your friends is more important than getting a good grade. Getting both is better.

I believe in video games. Video games bring friends closer together, and give everyone something to do in their downtime. Video games help improve my mood when I have a bad day, even if it sometimes involves making fun of others. Video games are the best form of entertainment ever created. After a good round of video games, it is always nice to come back to the real world.