My Beliefs as a Writer

John - Deer Lodge, Montana
Entered on February 1, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe that I am getting better every day as a writer. Writing is something that I get better at as I practice it. The thing about writing is I can write about anything I want to. There are no limits in writing.

I remember in fifth grade we would have to make up stories depending on the subject the teacher gave us. Every week there would be a group of three or four of us putting our thoughts together until we came up with some story that had crazy twists in it. In high school it got a little tough and more difficult to write, especially on the topics I was not interested in. This year II am finally settling back into my comfort zone that I had in fifth grade. I believe that no matter what the topic, eventually I will be able to write about it. Sure the Revolutionary War is easier to write about than the conditions in Russia, but I believe I can write about anything.

I believe that writing is my best thoughts or words. If something does not make sense or fit into what I am writing, then I can just scribble it out or erase it. No one has to know what process I went through to finish the paper or story. They just see the finished product. Once words are spoken, I can’t take them back. When I write, I put more thought into it.

I believe that writing is not something that is just done with pencil and paper. Texting to me is a form of writing. MySpace and Face book are also ways of writing. Email and blogging are some other examples of writing. Even when a person writes on a sign for a basketball game, I believe that they are still writing. To me writing is just a way to express ones thoughts. Writing is an alternative way of communicating for speaking.

Overall I believe everyone is a writer. Some are just better than others. Writing is something I will be doing for the rest of my life. Whether it is a paper for a class or a text message to my brother, I will be writing every day of my life.