True Friends

Abigail - Milton, Washington
Entered on February 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe true friends are the people that no one can live without. True friends are always there when you need them, friends help to heal wounds, and they make us smile, hold us up when we cannot carry ourselves, cry with us and try with us.

In my childhood I did not have any true friends in school until I was in seventh grade. My old, false friends had betrayed me; some new ones either ignored or belittled me. My self esteem was lacking and so was my courage. I sat alone at lunch, walked to class alone, and did my projects alone. Not a very good environment for a middle-schooler.

Thankfully, I had one best friend out of my school who kept me on my feet and gave me some hope. When false friends hurt me, she was there. When I was lost she brought me home. It was a whole different ballgame when I was in school though. I had no armor to protect me when I was hit with put downs, name-calling, and taunts. There was no one there to soften the blow.

If I had not found a group of friends, I would now be the same person I was back in seventh grade; a punching bag that was hit with foul words, and a self-conscious, insecure little girl with no real friends. This is why I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters. I thought; if I had a chance to change a child’s life for the better or even just help it a little then maybe they wouldn’t have to go through what I had to go through. I believe that all children need good, solid friendships. These friendships will make them stronger and more self-confidant people as they grow older.

I am eternally grateful my friends found me when they did. I was brought into a group of outcasts and others like me. I found true friendship with my fellow misfits (No offence to them).

Having a good relationship at home is also important. If a child has an awful home life and goes to a school that terrifies and demeans the child, what kind of life is that? It makes you wonder who that child will turn out to be. Will he or she be a mass murderer, a multimillionaire, or a repeat of Columbine? I believe that strong friendships at home, school, and anywhere else you can think of are one of the structures that help children mature into the great human beings of the world.

I know that without my friends, I would not be who I am today. I am a charismatic, young woman who has the courage to speak and even sing on stage to a large audience. I am a president of sorts of the drug and alcohol prevention team at Fife High School. I am no longer the mousy little punching bag I used to be. I surround myself with my true friends, go through new challenges every day and hope to go through more in the future. I believe that my true friends were a tremendous help to get me through bad times and to heal old wounds. I have laughed with them, cried with them, and helped to heal they’re wounds too. I would not be the person I am without them, although I will take 51% of the credit for myself in the making of the new me. This I Believe.