I belive every child deserves a good home

brooke - USA
Entered on February 1, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Tired, I wake up every morning and come down to eat breakfast. The news paper for

today is laying on the counter. Again the headlines read something along the lines of, millions of

people losing jobs, or something about another building or home being foreclosed. These issues

lead to another one, homelessness. Children all over the world are homeless. I believe that every

child should have a good home. This I believe because having a good home, which

includes a supportive family really is helpful in a child or teen’s life.

Thankfully, I have someplace to come home to at the end of the day and relax, and do my

homework in peace . This unfortunately doesn’t happen for a lot of kids. They could be having

trouble at home, like being sexually abused, or beaten. They might not even have a place to

call home, that is not a orphanage, dumpster or box.

Parental support, (which is a large part of a good home) has helped me many times

through my life. If I had a bad day my parents would always give their best effort to make me

feel better. They would offer to take me to a movie, or drive me to the mall. Often, I will need

help with my homework, my parents easily step in to answer any questions. Some children

maybe at a disadvantage for school work if their home is not a good environment for them, and

are more likely to slack in school. If more people adopted, a higher amount of children would

have the joy of family, and less children will be homeless.

I believe having a good environment can also help kids make healthier, and safer choices.

Such as choosing not to do drugs, or drink alcohol. It can also influence your attitude towards

things. When I wake up in the mornings, its usually on the right side of the bed I’m happy to

attend school and see my friends. Don’t you think everyone deserves a chance at a happy life?

Or at least a good home? I believe that everyone should have a chance to live their lives at the

happiest, and be able to have a home. Not to be stationed in orphanages around the world, where

the care and love meter is definitely on E for empty.

As challenging, as it seems to give every child a home, each deserves it. A

good home, supportive family, and a chance to succeed in school. No one should be on

streets. Wouldn’t it be a rough life alone?