This little light of mine…..

Danielle - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 1, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I look at you…no. Wait… I stare at you,

How beautiful you are, how intelligent you are.

I do not thank God for much, but I never forget to thank him for you.

Your laughter fills my heart with so much warmth and love, your eyes so curious, so taken by the beauty in the world…blind to the evil that is to come.

How I wish I could keep you that innocent and pure, forever.

How I wish I could protect you from those you will mistakenly trust.

I want to apologies for what’s going to come your way,

The criticism

The lies

The hate

The backstabbing

The fake religion

The fake Christians

The fake smiles the envious whores

The judgmental swine

The ridicule

All this, and more.

I want to apologies for all the broken hearts you will have to go through, and I apologies that most of your heart ache and disappointment will be from those you knew as your “family”!

I want you to know that what ever you hear, half the time will not be true, what ever is said to you, might somehow be twisted around, and whatever you are looked down on for, will be because of jealousy.

You and I are all that matters

You and I are all that we need

I love you no matter what, and I know you will be strong and able to handle what ever comes your way.

That being said I now want to ask for your forgiveness?

Forgive me for being hard on you, but I wanted you to be strong and succeed…

Forgive me for constantly keeping your head in books. I wanted you to understand that being intelligent will always win battles.

Forgive me for making you be so independent…. because one day, you will be left alone.

I wish for you to be as strong as I have had to become

I wish for you to be wise and ready to stand against, whoever comes your way.

I want you to be humble and forgiving, so that your life will be at peace.

Lastly, I want you to know that everything I am, everything I do, is for you and you alone. You are my life. You are my everything.

But if you remember nothing else in your lifetime, at least remember this…

Although I may have not had everything I desired or been the great person I’ve dreamt of, I had the greatest and most exquisite achievement in the world, and that was you! For that I am great, and will leave earth complete. I love you peanut.