Caring for a Cause

Frederick - Reading, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 31, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in caring for a cause – the bigger, the better. A cause gives us purpose, adds significance to our work, and allows us to dream. A cause, rooted in virtue, strives for the common good and saves us from the destructive forces of selfishness and greed. In this sense, a cause is Divine and must be embraced if we are to realize our true potential.

Finding one’s inner purpose is challenging, but children do it naturally, instinctively. Their originality and energy is electric. They settle conflicts quickly and love abundantly. They laugh at simple pleasures. They eagerly seek challenges that make them better today than they were yesterday. They sleep peacefully, free of guilt and worry. They have a tremendous capacity to sacrifice. When given the opportunity to care passionately and to work joyfully, children become a generation of heroes destined to save humanity.

A brilliant, 42 year-old, Jewish child named Albert, who never combed his hair, was fascinated with light and played with it his whole life. He thought of E = MC² and won the Nobel Physics Prize.

A compassionate, Albanian child named Teresa, aged 69, decided to love everybody in the whole world, starting in Calcutta, India. She never got a paycheck but won the Nobel Peace Prize.

A devoted 48 year-old, African-American child, named Barack, wanted to serve his country, so he overcame racism, graduated from college, and became President of the United States. He loves basketball.

I work with children who cope with significant life challenges, yet they have committed themselves to the grand goal of saving the planet by building a garden and developing a comprehensive recycling program that has turned our school “Green.”

My two sons taught me the joy of living, for I was never truly alive, until I became a father. My ardent wish for them is to follow a wise man’s calling, “Except ye be as children, ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” Kirpal Singh echoed the same sentiment when he encouraged us to “Go Jolly.” I dedicate the following poem to the young of all ages, who believe as I do, that one person with a righteous cause can make a profound difference.

I remember tumbling through clouds

Toward the sweet sound of your voice

To Earth, I fell, into your arms

Leaving my wings and Heaven behind

I adored you for wanting me

Eagerly sharing heart and soul

You let me sing

With the Voice of God!

I wove magic into

Heroes, Artists, and Angels

On tired wings, I slept

In His tender embrace

You looked for me

In the morning dew

Amidst the laughter,

Alive with wonder

I am, yet, my Father’s child

Working to uncover Truth

That Play is Prayer

And Dance is Life

I find joy in those

Who run free with me!

Full circle has come

For this gray haired child

Flying in his dreams

Toward a familiar, sweet voice

That carries him Home . . . again