I Believe In Music

Jonathan - Wayland, Massachusetts
Entered on January 31, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in music. I believe in the way it can start your day. I believe in how powerful it is and how it makes people smile. I believe in its entertainment and the groove of it, no matter what kind of music it is.

Have you ever heard that song “More Than a Feeling” by Boston? One of the lyrics in it goes, “Turned on some music to start the day…” I think Brad Delp had the right idea. Recently, on car rides to school, I’ve found myself tuning the radio to WCRB to listen to some classical music. It’s easy, nobody is screaming in your ear, a good way to start the day. When I listen to classical music in the morning, I remain calm throughout the day and keep my cool. Sometimes, though, I may get bored of it and change the radio to either WZLX or WROR to listen to some soft classic rock. I find listening to those stations affects my wit throughout the day as it is slightly heavier than classical music and there is a singer. The thing is, if a song comes on that’s too heavy for me in the morning, I’ll change the station. For example, if I hear Ozzy start singing, I start to feel more focused and intense, instead of my calm, jovial self. I really don’t like the feeling, and so I prefer calm music to hardcore styles.

Have you ever been down or angry then decide to listen to music? If you haven’t, try it. Just go to your bed, put on some headphones, lay down, close your eyes, and breathe. For calming purposes, I’d recommend calm music, instead of stuff like System of a Down or Metallica. Try The Beatles or The Grateful Dead. But don’t just choose those because I say so; I’m too much of a classic rock fan to rely on my unbiased opinion in music.

I play guitar. I sing. Yeah, I can do some music of my own. Am I good? I’m a guitarist. Don’t ask me; ask those who listen to me. Personally, I don’t believe I’m any good at guitar, but I did play a full solo from The Grateful Dead while I was listening to the song. I didn’t even mean to, I was just playing along to the music and having fun with it. Next thing I know, I was playing the solo from the song perfectly, note by note. When it comes to singing, I actually think I’m not bad; I get high 80s and low 90s on rock band on hard mode.

All in all, music is very important in my life. It motivates me and keeps me going day by day. It soothes me when I’m sad or upset. It keeps me entertained, even when I’m not performing any kind of music. Music is me.