The Optimistic Grandma

Brianna - Plymouth, Minnesota
Entered on January 31, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe in Optimsim…..

I believe in optimism. I believe optimism allows us the key to our own happiness. With it we have the ability to choose our good and bad days. We have the authority to make every moment the best it can be. We have the power to turn circumstances into opportunities. You may of heard of the famous quote by Maria Robinson “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

My grandma is a exellent example. When she was 10 she felt like she had streap throat, she went to the doctor three different times, each time they told her she didn’t have streap. Several weeks went by and she got sicker. One day she fainted at school and was rushed to the nearest hosptal. Shivering nervosly, she was told she had streap throat the turned in to rematic fever, and had to have open heart sugery that day

That started a whole new phase in her life which has included over a dozen of surgeries. At first she was anything but optimistic about her life, she worried conestly that she would die, during the time when she was lost in her deep thoughts she was missing many opportunities to kick it with her friends, family, and even her own daughter. They wanted to go to car shows, which she always loved- she sat home alone. All of her days were turning into bad days even when she wasnt in the hosptal.

When she grew much older and had a daughter her point of view started to change, she relized that her fear and negative attitude about her health problems were affecting her child. She decided she was going to be more optimistic about her life. Scared and frightend she was still having sugeries but instead of sayin “goodbye” to everyone and assuming she wasn’t goning to make it through the sugery, she would tell her family “It’s ok im going to make it through and be strong for you”. Happily her optimistic words made her family feel better, and when her family felt better it started making her feel better.

Despite her limitions she started doing things she loved. And soon found her life was filled with more good days. This is the optimistic grandma I’ve always known. Her example makes me always want to look on the bright side. When I loose a basketball game I try to focus on the hoops I made and the fun I had with my teamates. Its easy when you just think about the good things and just tell yourself everything is going to be ok.

In summary, If you live your life optimisticly you will be feeling dizzy with happiness, that is, loaded with joy.