I Believe In Trying

Gabriella - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Entered on January 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that mothers and fathers should think very hard about what the future would be like, before they decide on getting married. I believe that kids should always be cared for, and loved. I believe that parents should try their hardest for their kids, and do the best they can to determine that they have a good life, while still in their care. I believe parents should cooperate on equal terms. I believe that parents should not get drunk, or scare their kids, or hurt them in any way. I believe that parents should love their kids unconditionally. I believe kids should never give up on their dreams. I believe kids should trust their family. I believe kids should be able to choose for themselves what they want to do, when they are older. I believe that kids should respect others, and be nice to others. I believe parents and kids should not lie to their or anyone else’s advantage. I believe that kids should have someone to love them, and someone to love. I believe everyone should get the chance to love, and to be loved.

I believe animals should not be tortured. I believe animals should have someone to care for them. I believe animals should have some of their land returned. I believe animals should have some right. I believe that some animals have to die, and I accept that. I do NOT believe that animals should die without a reason, or just for game or sport. I believe animals should only be hunted if needed.

I believe the Earth should be cared for. I believe that Earth has given us much, and that we should return that favor. I believe that too many trees are being taken down unnecessarily. I believe we should try to protect life. I believe we should try to protect the rain forests. I believe that pollution is harming the atmosphere. I believe we can help decrease the harm pollution is doing. I believe we can try, no matter what. I believe we can try.

I believe that all men, women, and children are equal. I believe that animals are to be respected, too. I believe that people shouldn’t care about how rich someone is, how poor, how ugly, how pretty, or anything else. I believe we should accept people as they are. I do not believe that people should use anybody to their advantage. I believe no one should overuse a resource. I believe everyone has a choice, and whether they make the right or wrong ones, is up to them, and God. I believe everyone should be able to practice their own religion. I believe that killing should not be in effect. I believe war should be stopped.

I believe that private schools are as good as public schools. I believe that uniforms are easier to deal with than choosing an outfit every day. I believe that education is important. I believe love and joy is more important. I believe that Obama has charisma. I believe that he will try his best to be a good president. I believe in life; I am pro-life. I believe that facebook is better than myspace. I believe that we should not try to conquer space, or waste money building fancy rockets to get to other planets. I believe we should spend that money here on Earth, protecting it, helping it, saving it. I believe that everyone can try their hardest, to do the right things, and to do their best at what they try to do.