I Must Depend on God

Michael - Stanwood, Washington
Entered on January 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

No matter what it takes, no matter what trials I face, I will depend on God. I find in my deepest, saddest moments, I must depend on Him. There are many events when I thought I had everything under control, and He showed otherwise. I receive His guidance and it always turns out for the best. I believe that the only way I can move through life is with God’s help. I cannot overcome trials of life without Him. I remember when my family went on a camping trip at Fish Lake. Everybody used the same bait and we all fished off of the same dock and later, the same boat. Everybody was catching fish, one after another, but I didn’t get as much as a nibble. I had a very impatient and negative attitude towards everything that day. I reminded myself, ‘we’re here to have fun, catching fish is just a bonus to the trip.’ I sat that night in my tent and prayed. The next day we went fishing again out on a boat. Again I didn’t catch any fish while others continued to catch them. I was upset but I let go and let the Lord work in me while I sat there patiently and just prayed. Minutes after I had finished praying, I got a bite. I started reeling that fish in with such excitement. I eventually got it into the boat. The fish still had all its fins so we knew that it wasn’t a hatchery fish. We took the fish into the camp’s bait shop and had them weigh it. It was a five-pound trout! After that I kept catching more and more fish the rest of the trip! So just by praying and depending on the Lord’s timing, the Lord blessed me with the fish.

I don’t believe I could do anything and be able to call it ‘good’ without God’s guidance. I’ve tried it the other way and it doesn’t turn out so well. At this past winter Washington Law Enforcement Exploring Advisors (WLEEA) Advanced Academy, I had become prideful because I had earned first, second, and third place in three different awards in Basic. I thought I was the hotshot in Basic. I thought Advanced would be cake. The first test results came back and I had received an 86 percent. I was not pleased. I realized my faulty pride so I put my dependence on the Lord. While studying for the next tests, I would pray and also right before the tests. From then on I received scores 98 plus. Although because of my first mistake, I didn’t receive the academic award again.

I believe dependence on God is everything. I can’t do well in the things I do without Him. I’ve excelled in all when I depended on Him. I believe I should probably involve Him quite a bit more in my school work…