On 1.29.09 I believe.

Greg - Denver, Colorado
Entered on January 30, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

The music artist John Martyn passed away today. I’ve been saddened and inspired. Listening to his now posthumous catalog, I feel compelled to get down on paper and share 26, in some cases literal, others not, some of his poetic thoughts and what they’ve caused me to believe. I’m not an artist, but today am thankful for those that are, and were.


I believe in breathing deeply of sight and sound.

I belive the squirrel, robin and mouse stop to listen to the crow chorus.

I believe I shouldn’t lose my temper.

I believe I won’t be fancy, but will be free.

I believe it sounds fun to ride a rainbow always being open to new circles to try.

I belive I want my friends to ride that train and will bring them along, but won’t bring my frown.

I believe there’s always a way to get happy somehow.

I believe in being the devil who doesn’t know about evil, only about love.

I belive I find it hard to listen when nothing’s going in my favor.

I belive in worrying about my babies and wife.

I believe life’s been easy on me, and love hasn’t passed me by.

I believe it’s hard to fight self destruction.

I believe the weather is blessed that brought you to me.

I believe love is a lesson to be learned in our time.

I believe that I should get through to every friend I’ve known.

I believe I should walk down every road I’ve set my eyes upon.

I believe I’ll never completlely know you.

I believe in fern in the spring.

I believe in not losing my gentle blues.

I believe in tears.

I believe in being early, but being out of time.

I believe in geting out of the paper chase.

I believe in stepping free of every weight I’ve put my weight upon.

I believe in taking care of every dream I’ve set my eyes upon.

I believe in being them, to see the world another way.

I believe in home.