I believe in chance

kent - owasso, Oklahoma
Entered on January 30, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Chance

There I stood, next to all my other companions on a hot, sticky, sleepless morning. We sit there waiting, waiting for our fierce leaders to enter the stadium. They don’t wait long before they all start blowing that annoying whistle that sends chills down our spine. Everyone separates and goes to their certain coach, I myself go to a coach where everything has to be perfect; which in actuality, it does. It doesn’t take long before I am drenched in sweat and feel that at any time my mind is about to explode with the knowledge of the plays I just learned.

Practice is over and game day has finally come. We enter the field with one thing on mind, a win. The game is no easy one, it’s long and both teams won’t stop fighting, no mistakes can be made. The next possession starts I have the ball in my hands, I release it into the air, it’s caught but not by one of my players. I put my head down, what have I done, I asked myself. There is barely any time left on the clock, when all of the sudden our defense gets the ball back on a fumble. A second chance, that’s all I needed, I got one last chance to take my team down the field to score. We drive 35 yards for a touchdown, game over.

Second chances are a great thing, and I believe everyone needs one. Just like me in my game, without that second chance we would have lost that game. If you think about it, almost if not everyone that was or is important has had a second chance, some more than others. God gives an unlimited amount of chances to those who believe in Him and when the mess up and ask for Him to take it away, in other words repent, he takes those mistakes and throws them away. Another chance, that’s all that someone really needs. If that is to get a second chance at a relationship, a game, or even a life lost dream, everyone deserves a second chance, because that might be the difference in either saving their life or taking their life away.