You Can

Taylor-Grace - Stanwood, Washington
Entered on January 30, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: addiction

“Have you ever made a promise to your self and some how didn’t keep it?” I remember when I was in middle school my best friend and I made a promise to our selves and each other. When we get into high school that we won’t do any of the bad things we all hear about when you’re younger.

So the first two years of high school was really good we kept that promise, I was proud of myself. Unfortunately my junior year changed a lot. I really don’t know why I had all of a sudden made that choice to smoke marijuana. You know it may have been the thought that “wow I haven’t done any thing cool, and it’s almost my senior year.” Or that fact that I was just bored and wanted to try something different, I really couldn’t tell you the exact reason why. When I smoked I thought it was pretty fun getting loopy and pretty much laughing your ass off about nothing. It was a huge social thing with my friends and me.

I believe doing drugs is a way to accept being dumb or to accept doing nothing with your life. In a way that’s what I thought. I felt that I wasn’t going to graduate or I was just going to go no where in my life.

In the middle of my of my junior year I remembered that promise I made to my self and how it was so easy to break. It made me feel so guilty and that’s all I thought about. I am usually not one to break a promise and I think that’s why it ate at me so much. From then on I chose to stop and promise that I won’t ever smoke again, and tell you what it was so easy!

I don’t understand how people who say that they have an addiction find it so hard to stop what ever it is that they are addicted to. I can tell you that I was addicted to smoking and I stopped. It just tells me when people say “oh yah I’ll quit” don’t really mean it because they truly don’t want to. That’s why I say if you really want to you can. It’s not impossible; I’ve learned that from experience. I believe that if you truly want to stop or do anything to stop, you can. Stopping makes you feel better about yourself. The fact that you can over come your addiction is awesome. If you truly want to, it’s possible.