Qbjectivity: Vanguard of One’s Soul

Brian - Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe; objectivity is the mode by which I am able to assess my mental status and the process by which I can detach from myself from a situation emotionally. Objectivity, allows me to remain balanced and centered in reality without acting out of pure emotion. Ultimately, I believe that the significance of objective thinking is being able to judge myself in different unique circumstances leading to the ability to truly know myself, and I firmly believe that there is no more important task bestowed on the individual human being.

Over the course of my life I have had many moments when reminiscent thoughts have given way to painful sighs and regretful groans. Decisions of my past have often come back to torment me, not just in my thoughts but in various other, more tangible manners that have left me baffled at my own stupidity and questioning my character as an individual. At times, the rational thought processes that normally separate my emotional perceptions from actual reality can break down, and in their absence I can be left in a no man’s land of feeling that can be as dark as hatred or as light as euphoria.

However, in these times of irrationality, when emotionally charged convictions drive my actions and steer my life on wayward directions, I have found that objectivity above all else is essential in correcting the course. Feelings of anger, regret, doubt and uncertainty, jealously, lust, bitterness, self-pity and countless other negative emotions that every person must deal with, many of them without words to describe, are often the cause of transgressions against oneself, or to another. The same can be said for overly positive emotions. Overconfidence, pride, self-righteousness, mania, power, invincibility, etc. can lead to a downfall that I am afraid I might never recover from. Therefore, it is vital to my healthiness and happiness that I perform reality checks on a periodic basis lest I become falsely discouraged or overzealously encouraged.

To be at times objective, being as humanly void of emotion as possible, in a variety of situations, no matter how good or how bad, grants me the opportunity to see my experiences for what they truly are, and in doing so enables my mind, body and, more importantly, my soul, to grow. To be able to remove myself emotionally from a fight with loved ones or take a step back and assess a predicament with my landlord or creditor without becoming overwhelmed are perfect examples of ways in which it is beneficial for me to remain objective. By doing so I am able to function rationally and wisely without focusing too much energy on beating myself up or taking out frustration on another individual. The benefits are obvious when thinking about these things in hindsight or even when reading over the examples mentioned just previously; however, I know firsthand that when in the moment it is sometimes extremely difficult to look at the situation from the outside, but crucial nonetheless.

No one is perfect and I am surely no exception to that rule; however, within this strengthening core belief about the importance of remaining as centered as possible, regardless of both trials and tribulations that I may face and, conversely, the highs, natural and unnatural, I have found a foundation upon which to construct the rest of my life. There is only one thing left to do now, and that’s to start building.