Laugh and Enjoy Life

A. - USA
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that laughter spreads happiness. Whether it’s a small chuckle or an out-of-control giggle that takes a while to get over, it makes the person, or everybody, joyful. People can laugh at someone else, a joke, or a hilarious comic. Whatever it is, it makes him or her break out into a wide grin. I enjoy seeing others laugh, even if the cause of it is me.

At the beginning of my eighth grade year, our class was learning about poetry in English. For a homework assignment, we had to write our own poem in the style of another. The following day a handful of selected poems, including mine, were glued on a piece of construction paper that was hanging. They were to be read out loud. When it was my turn, I was walking to the “hanging poems.” The room was noisy with people chattering. I did not hear my English teacher tell me to read from the construction paper, so I tore my poem off. Everyone began to laugh. Even though I was extremely embarrassed, I also felt a different kind of emotion.

I felt happy just to see my fellow classmates having a good time, giggling, breaking out into wide smiles. It felt great knowing that I put a little more happiness in their lives. This causes me to believe that laughter spreads happiness.

People laugh at just about everything, from jokes, a hilarious accident, or even themselves! Laughter is great to share with friends. It spreads happiness through everybody. A giggle can also turn a dull moment light and airy for just a while. For example, my friends and I were studying for a history test one day. We were all quiet at the lunch tables until one of my friends got up to get some water. She tripped and fell flat on her face. Though she must have been in pain, we all started to laugh, and so did she. The serious time was briefly enjoyable. This is why I believe laughter spreads happiness.

Many enjoy the feeling of making others smile and chuckle, so they form their careers around the emotion. Comedians find that taking a normal situation and turning it into comedy fills the night with laughter, which spreads happiness. A person could let a joke linger for a while, or even tuck it in the back of his or her memory! One thing’s for sure: where there’s a giggle or an out-of-control chortle, there will always be feelings of happiness and enjoyment pervading everywhere.

So come on, try it. Put a little humor in your life by laughing. It will always cause happiness.