Be different

Abby - 55447, Minnesota
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

No person should look at themselves and think they are normal. Yet, no one should be afraid to standout. Besides everyone is different so how can anyone be normal? And “if everyone was normal the world would be a very boring place”.

I believe in daring to be different

Thinking people might just think I was too weird I remember being scared to stand out. Until I made friends, that didn’t seem to mind standing out, and it made me feel not as scared. It made me more confident to be who I was and to act how I wanted. I really liked the new me and even though people thought I was weird. I realized I really didn’t care what people thought just as long as I could be me.

My friends and I aren’t afraid to dress out of style, or stand out in a crowd. We dress how we feel like dressing; we realized you don’t always have to have a designer brand. We act how we feel like we should act. Confident we don’t try to impress, because we have friends that are fine with the way we dress and act, and we will stand by each others side no matter what.

Since my friends and i dress and act different we have a lot of people stereotype us. They will call us stupid, weird, Freaks, and more. Sometimes they even call us that to our faces. We don’t have to do anything and just by seeing us people stereotype us. If we wear black they think we are gothic, or if we draw on our shoes they think that are insane.

So we take peoples stereotypes and ignore them, or we are just happy to be us. You just have to see stereotypes as compliments of how you followed your heart, and that you were yourself and no one else. So if people still see you as insane, weird, or crazy then you are still you inside and out and that’s really what should matter. Like one of my favorite songs says, “Hello world this is me and life should be fun for everyone”

So to sum up, if you feel afraid to stand out don’t be, and if you feel Normal you shouldn’t. Stand out from the Crowds, and stand out from the trends. If you still feel like everyone else you just need to remember that you are very special and individual. Because “if everyone in the world was normal the world would be a very boring place”. So Just don’t be afraid and stand out!!! And DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.