I Believe you shouldn’t sweat the small things

Vanessa - Pleasant Hill, Iowa
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Why is it that we all sweat the small things in life? I mean not everything in our lives is going to go the way that we would like it to. That’s just not how life works and we all know that. When something bad happens and it’s something minor, we always freak out and make it bigger then it really is.

For prom this year I want a really pretty dress. So my mom and I went dress shopping a few times and we kept going back to Stacy’s Prom to look. One of the times we went I brought two of my friends with me. I found a bunch of dresses that I liked but they were really expensive and I knew that my mom wasn’t going to pay that much for a prom dress. The two most expensive ones were really puffy at the bottom like a Cinderella dress. They both had a bunch of sequences on them. The dresses were both $500. The other dress wasn’t as much it was only $365 and it was more of a mermaid dress. It was purple and had sequence on it too. I’m sure my mom knew I was going to act the way that I did.

Well when I got home later that day I wanted to talk to my mom about getting the dress that I really liked. I told her that it was only $365 and if we split it then it wouldn’t be that much for either of us. Of course, she had to say she wasn’t going to and she needed me to understand the value of money. It’s too much to spend all that money that I don’t have on something like a prom dress that I’m only going to wear one night for a few hours.

“I would love to give you everything you want, but you have to understand that I just can’t do that,” my mom said.

I still really want that dress and I have not found another one yet. I’m sure if I would of said oh ok I get it. My mom would have been more then happy to say well we will go look again this weekend but instead we got in a big fight over a dumb dress that really no one is going to know how much it cost.

There are people that don’t even get to go to prom or have a pretty dress. A big deal would be to not have food or lose a family member or friend. Not that I can’t have a prom dress that I want. I believe in not sweating the small things and looking at the bigger picture.

There are bigger things in life that I should be worrying about like college and scholarships that I have coming up. Yes it’s a dress and one night but of all the people in the world I’m sure there’s someone right now that’s having something way worse happening to them.