Austin - Altoona, Iowa
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in karma. Karma is the entity that encircles the world correcting the actions of people. Karma is the entity that rights the wrongs, rewards the good, and creates peace in the world.

I believe that karma is more complex than “what goes around comes around.” I believe that when someone does something that helps others, they in turn will be helped when they need it most. Or, when someone does something that causes harm to others, they will be punished equally for the wrongs that they have done.

As an example of bad karma, say someone robs a store. More often than not, that person will be caught. Maybe not for that particular crime, but perhaps for something else that they do. Perhaps later in life, the robber does not stop completely at a stop sign and an officer sees it. As the police officer tries to pull him over, he does not stop right away. Therefore, the officer suspects he is hiding something. When the officer searches the car the robber was driving, the officer finds illegal drugs under the back seat that a buddy of the robber had left behind. Then he is arrested and taken to jail for drugs that were not his. This is what karma does when people choose to make the wrong decisions in life.

An example of good karma from my own life, one time when I went to the movies and the person in front of me found out the movie would cost more than they brought. So I offered to cover the difference for them. They thanked me profusely, and when they offered to pay me back later, I declined. Later that very same week, I ended up finding twenty dollars in the pocket of a new pair of pants. I believe that this was an act of karma.

Here is an example of how karma can prevent serious injury or save a life. It is a rainy day and as a business man rushes to go inside a building, he notices an elderly woman approaching the same doorway. He decides to stop and hold the door for her. Seconds after she enters the building, something falls only a few feet in front of her. If the business man had not stopped to hold the door, he would have been crushed by the falling object.

Karma can also be described as a mind set, or self-fulfilling. If someone is continually looking for good things to happen, they do not focus long on the unpleasant things that occur. When a person does something that causes someone or something harm, they might instinctively look for bad things to happen to them. The same can be said for “good” karma. When a person does something good for someone other than themselves, they might instinctively look for good things or actions to come their way.

I believe that good karma can be very helpful and rewarding, it keeps things balanced. Without it the world would be in chaos with many bad deeds going unpunished and good deeds unrewarded.