Sheer Simplicity

Lyndsey - New Orleans, Louisiana
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that a strangers love makes me feel better about myself if only for a second. Possible? For me, any antonym of the word possible is irrelevant and carefully pre-disintegrated before it even reaches my train of thought. With that said, of course it is. It doesn’t have to be that mushy infactuation, awing over someone. No, it’s a little different, and honestly, it’s not that serious. Not to contradict my belief or make it seem not so important, but it’s just not that involved. Quite simple. Get it, got it, be loved. Its that flash of pearly whites or gleaming yellows, (depending on that particular persons dental situation) as you enter a crowded place, it’s that firm hand tapping on your back directing you to where you need to go. It’s a form of security, and it is lovely.

Love is such a strong word that can easily corrupt the minds of the most innocent, and trick the wise. Despite destructive, devastating downfalls, love can also be wonderful. The effects of ample love can slightly tweak the personality, thoughts, and overall disposition of an unstable soul, yearning for closure. Love is like the connective train tracks that stretch through cities. Regions. The heart region (focal point of love), the mind region, and the inner soul region. All regions intertwine, creating a much bigger picture. A strangers love skips all of that complexity, and gets straight to the , “Ahh, I love you” part. Only for a second though.

Last year I was a new junior at my school. Overwhelmed with the disgust of facing facts and coming to the realization that regardless of what I wanted, I have to go to school here.I was senselessly thrown into the broken, charter school system of a somewhat recovering New Orleans. I wish natural disasters didn’t even exist, solely for that purpose. One Tuesday morning a week after school started, my too long, aggravating shoelaces caused me to trip up the steps at school. Quite embarrassing I must say. As I tried to gather all my binders and loose papers while trying to avoid to angry crowd of students, and administrators mouth to walkie talkie making sure everybody’s uniform is “The SciHigh Way”, I saw an arm reach over to help. If that’s not love, then what is? This girl who I only had one class with took the risk of being late to class just to help a girl who acted stuck up and antisocial. Call me dramatic, but at that moment, I felt like I meshed in. I felt loved and it was truly amazing. Simply put, it was subtle love. Not too much, just enough.