Great Spirits

Austin - Stanwood, Washington
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Albert Einstein once said, “Great spirits always encounter opposition from mediocre minds.” To me a great spirit doesn’t have to be an “Einstein” , though he was one. A great spirit to me is someone who thinks outside the box, someone who forms their own opinion based what personal experience and studies they have done. When you don’t follow the crowd and what everyone else likes sometimes you meet opposition for your personal stand. This can be said with taste in music, art, food, literature, or anything really. As long as you form a rational thought based on knowledge you can be a great spirit, strong enough to swim upstream, move against the grain.

A mediocre mind is someone who follows the herd. When you don’t come up with your own opinion on matters are you really even your own person? Or are you the shell or clone of the people you copy. Mediocre minds are also those people so close-minded about their opinions that they don’t even want to listen to a different point of view on any subject. They prefer to stay in the norm and fit with the status quo. That’s a great thing about a great spirit, even if someone doesn’t agree with what you say, they will listen, give you their input, and not judge you for your ways of thinking. Someone who also can listen to reasoning and change their opinion and not get too stuck in their own pride is also a great spirit.

The point of all this talk about the quote is I feel it is important to oneself and to humanity as a whole that we have separate ways of thinking, different opinions, different likes and dislikes. What would the world be like with one type of flower, one texture of soil, or one color in the spectrum of light? If we all thought the same we would be no different than a flock of sheep and eventually some strong personality would come along and we would follow without questioning whether or not it lead us to darkness. It’s up to us to question what is the potential of our minds, up to us the keep reaching and forming individual thoughts so that those ideas can be questioned or we are all doomed to fall behind as a species. What if Darwin had been too scared what he thought about evolution as a concept. What if the scientific community had not listened to these ideas?

The sad thing is that too much these days has become written in stone. Some ideas though somewhat valid are being criticized and called lunacy. What if God caused the spark of life? What if we are an alien species? We will never know because if you believe in those things you encounter opposition from smart yet mediocre minds. So it is important for us to strengthen ourselves to stand up for what we believe and to encourage to question what is considered truth.