i believe in love at first sight

Kristen - Altoona, Iowa
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in love at first sight.

You’ve heard of it right? Many people think that true love and love at first sight are corny clichés. Well I don’t. I really believe that everyone has a true love, or soul mate if you will; but whether they are lucky enough to meet in the same time era I think is sadly, very slim. The road to finding true love is filled with tears and disappointments, and many give up before they find one another.

“How will I know when I find that one special person?” I’ve often asked myself, as if I knew the answer. There is no real answer to this common question, because there is no one on this earth that knows everything; but I believe that when someone finds their true love weird symptoms start to occur. With me I get really warm and I feel light headed, and whenever my love is near my heart flutters in my ribcage; it feels really funny as if my light emotions are trying to fly out of a tiny door in my chest. When I see him my face gets all hot like I can’t breathe, it feels as if my breath got caught in my throat and I hear my heart beat in my bright red ears. Then finally when he talks to me, his casual voice wakes me from my momentary asphyxiation jolting me back to my dull reality, sometimes I feel like he’s being unknowingly selfish by taking me out of my daydream. Sometimes I want to shout, “Shut up and let me stare at you!”

When someone has met their true love and they haven’t seen that person for an hour or two, they won’t be able to get them out of their head! The best thing with the whole true love at first sight is that if they’re lucky you know where to find their other partner. I know from experience because my true love and I have been together ever since we were in kindergarten; while we were growing up I can remember just about every sentence he has ever said to me.

I am not trying to write a book here, but these feelings are mine, and anyone else who has fallen in love at first sight. They are real, they are powerful, and they are wonderful; these feelings make me want to be with my special person forever. It is true that people can fall in love so easily, and it is also true that people fall out of love just as easily. I have done just that and I felt horrible, I had true love and I threw it away because of a stupid fight my love and I had. I regretted it for two entire years before he walked into my life again. Please try to understand that when a person loses their true love, they lose a part of themselves and that feeling hurts like you could never imagine if you’ve never loved and lost. That feeling of hopelessness stays until the hole in your heart is filled.

Just like that day, when my love returned to me and asked for us to start over again. I so very happy that a wonderful person like him would even look twice at the dirty person I was. When I’m with him my world seems just a bit kinder. This is the one true blessing in my life that trumps all the others; I know in my heart everyday I am truly grateful that he gave me the second chance that saved me inside. I would’ve been just as happy to talk to him and see him everyday; even to see him smile would be enough. Because of my little miracle I will always believe that anyone can find happiness.