What is a Line?

SkyFeather - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

We live in a world filled with Lines.

Latitude, Longitude, North, South, East, West, Counties, Cities, States, Countries, Nations.

These Boundaries seem to serve a sort of purgatory between what is mine and what is yours. Perhaps lines serve as form of moral margin? Look what I have earned, in my line of work, look what I have in honor of my lineage, Don’t cross this line or else. I tend to believe that lines are drawn to pose questions.

I was taught to question, perhaps this part of my intellect should be reserved for a more primitive understanding of humanity, but I have this curious case of curiousity. What is our natural naked unconditioned integrity trying to tell us, have we allowed ourselves to go there. There must a balance between the initiation into the Natural Laws of Nature and that of Man, surely it is not all conquer and divide. So what is a Line? I suppose the answer is somewhere between intention and instinct.

I also suppose that is why I spend my days reading between them. Because it is all open to interpretation anyway.