I believe in a plan.

Joe - Ashton, Idaho
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50


As I have gone through forty odd years of life, I have heard and read many arguments about how accidental life here on earth is. That we just happened to evolve into what we are today. That there could not be an intelligent design to this ball of mud spinning around a glowing ember suspended in a limitless vacuum.

When I was much younger it didn’t seem to matter, there was air to breathe, water to drink, dirt to play in, and a mother to feed me. Who had time to think about the wonder of it all?

I first started to see the sense of it all when I found my wife, how could something this wonderful and exciting, not be created to be a partner to me? Is it just an accident? I think not! Then a few years later, I was trusted with a son, the first of three. The doctor handed this perfect little person, a mirror image of my wife and I; to me. He looked up and I knew, this could only come from a divine plan. To be able to create intelligent life is some kind of miracle that can’t be a random accident. They are the only truly brand new things a person will ever have. Then to watch as they grow from helpless infants to smart, active, capable young men that absorb and learn from everything that happens around them tells me that there has to be a plan.

I have been lucky enough to have always worked outside in this wonderful world. When you see firsthand the splendor that has been put here for us to use and enjoy, you can appreciate the underlining plan. The beauty that we enjoy here as scenery, should be proof enough. There is nothing here that can’t be used for our benefit, every rock, every tree, every acre of dirt has a use that furthers mankind. The way this world is assembled, soil, water, sunshine combine to produce food and shelter for all things. We as beings that have been given the ability to think; are able to take these raw materials and produce the amazing life we now have. Even after we think we’ve gotten all the use out of something the earth reclaims and recycles it into something else we can use.

As I have stated before, I am convinced that this wonderful life is part of a great, amazing, beautiful plan and could not be a random event. Just look around and you will see it also, this I believe.