Mondo Bello

Beth - Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Some people think the world is an ugly place, filled with ahte, death and destruction. But people are the ones filled with ahte, they are the ones that cause the destruction. And as we all know, death is just fate. The world is beautiful, this I believe. I couldn’t tell you when I began to realize this, but it has forever changed my outlook on life and the way I see our world.

Have you ever looked at the sun while it’s coming up in the morning? Sometimes all you see is a blue sky and a bright sun with one single ray shooting into the sky, illuminating all that’s around it. Or, you cans ee an array of beautiful colors, mixing into each other with ease. It’s almost enough to make your heart fill up like a balloon that’s about to burst. It’s seeing these types of things on my way to school that help me put my problems on the back burner and pay attention to the things in life that are really important.

Fireflies dancing in the trees on a summer night can remind me more than anything that tehy world is a beatufiul place. Seeing something so beautiful and peaceful can change your mood instantly, making you grateful for being alive to see such a thing. And if you look closely, anything can be beautful. A plastic bag blowing in the wind isn’t waht you’d expect to be beautiful. But if you think, the bag is blowing lonely, but free, and that is beautiful.

But the beauty in the world doesn’t only come in visual ecstasy. The things we hear can also be beautiful, like the sound of rain hitting the ground. The steady, calm beat matching your heart, or the base at a concert. THe beath running through your body every time it’s hit. These sounds run through your body, making you feel alive. Making the world a beautiful place.

Beauty can be found in anything. If you look closer, you’ll see. You may feel like it’s too much, but don’t try to hold onto it. Relax, and let it flow through you like rain. You won’t feel anything but gratitude for every moment of your life. The world is beautiful, that I will always believe.