Being Me

Catherine - Runnells, Iowa
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Being Me

Everybody is his or her own person. It should always be that way. But, sometimes people have hard time trying to be who they really are.

I think some people just try to fit in when they are put in new situations and then they forget who they really are. I sure have gone through that stage in my life. I remember moving from Florida to Iowa. It was a big move, and I knew I was different with my southern accent and things I said, like yall. So, I tried following other people and found myself being a whole different person. I was not the same sweet quiet girl. I was causing problems in school, and it got to the point that I was making decisions that the pushed people I loved the most away.

I just never seemed to care anymore. My parents were getting fed up and tried to get involved. I found myself in counseling with them to work things out, and soon, I actually thought before I acted and noticed what I was ruining. I figured out that I was just a follower and needed to act like myself, the old me, and, if anything else, be the leader instead.

After I started to change into myself again, I started to hang out with people I had a lot in common with and that were just like me. I didn’t have to follow their every move and do things I didn’t want to just so I wasn’t different. I really liked being different. It put apart from others at times but I still was alike in some ways with them too.

I figured out that being different wasn’t so bad and that being a little different than everyone else makes me who I am today and who I hope to be later in life. So, maybe people won’t go through what I had to understand this but, I honestly hope that everyone will have an experience in their life that proves to them that being themselves is the only way to go.