My Belief in Nicknames

Allyson - Runnells, Iowa
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

My Belief in Nicknames

In the name of Brangelina, I have a belief. Every day in the entertainment world, you hear the nicknames that people have given a celebrity or celebrity couple: Bennifer, Brangelina, JLO, P Hill, and other nicknames of the sort. I believe in nicknames and all that they entail. I think that giving celebrities nicknames makes us all feel closer to them, in a way. Although most are cheesey and dumb, they have a special purpose behind them. What is the purpose you ask? Well, in the name of Chuck Norris, I will tell you.

Everyone has a friend, relative, etc. that he or she has a special nickname for, or they have on for you. These nicknames, like many of mine, have come from endless inside jokes or just good ol’ times. Like I said, they have a purpose, to make that person feel like they’re loved. And the nicknames that are created, can strengthen the relationship, because it feels like I know something about the person that no one else knows. Just think of it, when a person sees their best friend, they probably use a nickname to get his or her attention. This person then gets a warm, fuzzy feeling inside because they saw this friend that he or she responded to their nickname.

When responding to nicknames, one thinks of where this nickname originated from; the time, day, place, and the reason why the name was given in the first place. Something inside that person makes them feel giddy when thinking of that name. And makes them think of that time when they almost peed their pants from laughing too hard, because something hilarious had just occurred. The product from that hilarious moment: a nickname.

Some nicknames that I have received are Star, Twin, Allers, and Allycat. Each one does come from a special friend that I am very close to. The first one, Star comes from one of those “awesome” times in a detasseling field. One day, it was a beautiful 221 degrees outside of the field and an even 300 degrees inside of the corn field. No matter where I looked or even closed my eyes, all I can imagine is green. The newest and hottest fashion is sweaty tshirts and corn stalk stained pants. The best accessory for this ensemble is the newest sun glasses that are half the size of my face. While detasseling and enjoying this wonderful day, my friend and I were in the field, and of course, tired of working. In the middle of the day, while working, we were talking about random things, and we decided to think of other little names for each other. She came up with Star for me, and I came up with Cotton Candy for her.

I believe in cheesey nicknames and their special purposes that they serve. These nicknames come from important and special moments. Someone might forget who the person that that sat next to them in their 9th grade English class or the teachers they had throughout their high school career. But, the nicknames that their friends and them create will last forever.