What kids learn

Jonathan - Rigby ID. 83442, Idaho
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Taking the time to watch my kids grow. I wonder where the time went. From day one they are learning things, like the basics. The smiles, crying, listening, looking and touching things. Eventually they start learning faster and more things at a time.

Know they are at the state of crawling, and like that they are walking and talking. Ages two and three seemed painful. I look back at my daughters first day of preschool. Dropping her off to someone I don’t know, but thinking that it’s good for the both of us. I pick her up later that day, she tells me everything that she did and how fun it was.

Kindergarten was a breeze. Second grade rolled on by like it was nothing. Now I have to kids in school, the second one similar to the first one in learning. To them it all comes easy.

I now have four kids,there ages are two, three, eight and nine. Seeing there personalities, none the same. Each liking something different from the other. I get my enjoyment from watching what they do in there life. I love hearing them laugh. I see each of my children with a warm loving glow in them. Eager to grow and learn, and find out what life is all about.

My oldest child age nine,, loves to read. Learning comes easy for her.

My older son is the same in his learning it come easy. He enjoys singing with the radio and singing on his own. My two younger children are learning from the two oldest. I think that it is a good example of how easy it is for kids to learn things.

It’s like a carnaval, some many rides but not enough time or money to do it with. I remember one time I took my kids fishing, the excitement.

Putting the worm in the hook then casting it out as far as I could cast it. The anticipation, the waiting for the fish to bite. Then it’s felt, the nibble from the fish and a jerk with the pole. Rill it in but not to fast. It feels like a big fish. There is the disappointment when they see the size of the fish and it’s only three inches long. One day I will be casting them out for there the big catch in there lives.

I hope all of them find someone to love and marry, then have there own families. Thats where it all pays off in life, to see the out come in what was learned in there younger years. I hope what my kids have learned are good and carrys on for generations. I think the easy part for my kids are almost over. I will get to see how they teach there kids and learn from it.