High School is not for everyone

Hannah - Lindenhurst, Illinois
Entered on January 29, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

High school is not for everyone, and this is what I believe. Starting my high school career was a big deal for any 8th grader, but what I did not expect was all the stress that came along with being in high school. I started out as a nerdy little freshman, but soon after sophomore year had begun I started getting many more friends as well. I felt so cool to be hanging out with all the cute boys and all the cool girls.

Sophomore year started off as a great year for me, I had tons of friends, my parents let me do almost whatever I wanted to, I was on three sports and doing amazing, and I was doing pretty well in my classes. Then when March of that year hit, I got really sick, I missed a week of school, my spring break, and of course the beginning of my soccer season. I was on Varsity again that year and was probably going to get to play a lot. This illness was going to hold me back from many things. Once I got out of the hospital and got back into school, the doctors told me bad news. I was not able to run for 8 weeks, which meant no soccer for me. Of course I got a lot of attention from my peers, but not the attention I wanted. I wanted to be accepted for who I was and not for being sick in the hospital and surviving. I guess I will take what I can get. I kept the friends and hung out with them continuing throughout the summer as well. Things were looking up again.

Junior year started and I was feeling pretty good about this year. The friends I had kept had voted me to be on the homecoming court that year and I was very excited. To some people that could mean that they are the most popular people in their class; I was not too sure about that. It started off great; I had a boyfriend, a great best friend, and a lot of new friends as well. Then I started getting made fun of for any little thing possible. I soon dropped into a depression and was losing all my friends. This was turning into a high school nightmare. My friends stopped calling and I broke up with my boyfriend, thinking he was causing my extra stress. My grades were dropping and I really did not seem to care. This is when I decided high school was not for me.

Signing up for my senior year classes was exciting for me because I had decided to graduate early, which meant I only had one semester of high school left. This semester was one of the hardest for me, knowing that college was near in the future I had to pass all my classes. I tried to be as social as I could but I spent most of my time working. I did play volleyball that year which turned out to cause a lot more stress then I wanted. I worked, played volleyball, and tried to focus on my studies. This was a difficult balance for me, I felt distant from my family and I was soon leaving them for a new path in my life.

I would not go back and change my decisions for anything. Although I am missing many things from my senior year in high school, I am not even a little sad. I hear about all the drama going on and I do not miss it. I love where my path has led me, and this I believe.