never letting the bastards grinde you down

Rachael - Standwood, Washington
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Never let the bastards grind you down”

I was watching T.V. and my favorite show comes on and I hear something that sparks my interest? I was watching Miami Ink; a well knows tattoo shop in Miami. Ami an outstanding artist was working on a tattoo for a young woman. Her grandfather had just passed and she already had a cross tattoo on her lower back and she was wanting to add to it with the words of “never let the bastards grind you down,” in remembrance.

I never knew that hearing someone else’s words about the motto that they live by would help me realize the motto that I live by now. I’ve never had a motto before and once I heard this one I knew that it fit that that’s what I was trying to achieve. It never occurred to me that living my life how I wanted to and not having a care in the world would be so freeing. I hear all the time those lines, that a smile can change and entire day, or it’s my choice if I have a good day or bad. I believe that those lines are true. I am the person that can choose whether or not I have a good day or bad.

Finding the motto that I live by is something that I think is original I have never heard of it before. “Never let the bastards grind you down” means when I’m having a crappy day and nothings going right and I’m getting beat down by people around, telling me that I cant do something or I wont ever amount to anything I don’t let that get to me, brush all that away and turn my day around. It’s easier said than done I know that. I have to really work for what I want. I will have a bad day but it all rests on my shoulders to change it into something good.

I try to never let anything get to me. Even though I’m not perfect, no one is and things do end up getting to me. I have to stop and re-think everything, try and focus on the more optimistic, that doesn’t always happen though. Keep tying I might take me a bit longer but I eventually will get there. I believe living by something is a good thing; it can inspire me to grow as a person and reach my goals. I’ve had quite a few bad days in my time; most of them didn’t end out how I envisioned it to. I try and take life by the horns and move forward with my day. That’s who I am, that’s how I work, never letting the bastards grind me down.