Friendship. What an Important Value

Christopher - Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


What an Important Value!

When I was twelve, I went camping with my friends at Lake Allatoona during a one hundred year drought. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the next day was the day I would need my friends the most.

The night we got there we hiked into a sort of marsh, which was actually were the lake used to be before the drought. We were looking for my friend’s glasses that he had lost the previous year during a canoeing trip. We noticed the ground was muddy but it was somewhat sturdy, so we could walk on it. We didn’t find the glasses but we resolved to come back later to look for them.

The next day, while the eleven year olds were learning how to apply Band-Aids, we went back to look for the glasses. About fifteen minutes into the search, I stepped right into a pit of the mud equivalent of quicksand. Apparently, there was a cavern filled with water right below were I was standing. It was slimy, yet very firm in its iron grip. I tried to get out, but I just kept sinking. In a desperate attempt to get help, I yelled at my friends trying to get them to pull me out! One of them thought it was funny that I was sinking into a pit! By the time they finally got me out, I was knee deep in the pit, and couldn’t move my legs at all! I was of course pretty freaked out. My friends and I went back to camp and rinsed off, or more accurately had a water fight with the hose.

If there were two things I learned that day, they would be the value of friendship and to never stand still. The value of friendship is very significant; if you don’t have friends then you’ll end up an elderly man with a hundred cats. Good friends are remarkable things. Friends will help you out when ever you need them, and they can get you out of sticky situations (literally).” So remember, no one is a failure who has friends.” 1

1. Henry Travers (Clarence) of It’s a Wonderful Life, directed and produced by Frank Capra, 1946