This I Believe

Rodneisha - 28208, North Carolina
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe there is a God

I believe in vampires

I believe the goverment is a big Lie

I believe everyone is intitled to a secrect

I believe in war

I believe that war sooner or later will bring peace onto our nation.

I believe that the Unitted States of Americais no where near United.

I believe in homosexuality

I believe in death

I believe life has no end no matter if you die or not

Ibelieve that 2-pac is not dead

I believe that brothers and sisters are made to be mortal enemys

I believe there no such thing as love

I believe the Goverment is as sneaky as the Devil

i believe theres a person’s soul in each star in the sky

I believe in me as i do in You