A Bad Kiwi

Mariah - Lacey, Washington
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

A bad Kiwi

If a dog can be potty trained, can’t humans can learn to do right from doing wrong? That is if they haven’t learned to already from other’s experiences. People learn from their mistakes and that’s that.

Mom sent me to the grocery store that Monday, nothing new. I had a specific list like always. I didn’t mind running the errand, I’d been bored anyway. Two percent milk (2 gallons), check. Ho ho’s, check. A bundle of 6 bananas, check and so on. My boredom was still present; my day had just been the ordinary. “I’ll grab some kiwis” I said to myself, those are my favorite. Scoping out the selection, I saw the sign “Best of Washington”. The kind advertised weren’t my favorite but I got them anyway. I didn’t test them for firmness or color. I took the sign for what it said. Plopped down at the kitchen table, with the kiwi peeled and ready to ingest, I sunk my teeth into the “Best of Washington” kiwi. It was the worst kiwi I’d ever had.

This is a story where I learned from the simplest of mistakes; however it is also a mere replica of a bigger lesson I’ve learned. No matter how big or small a person’s mistake is they learn from it, whether they choose to use that newfound knowledge is where people get confused on whether or not some people learn. It may take a couple mistakes re-ran, however eventually, like a dog can learn to be potty trained we people can learn from our mistakes.