Do What You Want

Pedro - San Diego, California
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe most people would concur that we should be rewarded for what we do. But why should we work so hard just so that we can live out the rest of our days? Then again, we aren’t really as deserving as we may think. But the human being, I’ve found, is a composite of a simple trinity of estimations: a soul, from which our beliefs spur, change, or are formed; a mind, in which we decide the choices which will reflect our beliefs; and lastly, a body, with which we enforce the choices in which we choose to believe in. When I think about it, there really isn’t much to us.

One thing I’ve noticed though, and that many others probably have as well, is that we all share the fate of death. Ultimately, we are to be decomposed by bacteria and become nutrients for plants. Soon after, those well fed plants become food for herbivores. And then they become food for carnivores. And we think we’re at the top of the list because we feed on them. Simply put, the cycle continues whether we realize it or not and saving or wasting lives will not stop it. For instance, if a creature, say a tiger or even a kitten is seen devouring its prey, say a zebra or a mouse even, it’s thought to be nature’s natural cycle of life. Whereas if a human is seen killing another, instantly we think it’s a nefarious deed and that its repetition should be avoided at all costs. But we ourselves are a part of nature aren’t we? Why then, is it unethical for a human to kill one another? Especially if we think we should be rewarded for doing what we want. This is where doing what we wish does not get rewarded. Having the kind of mentality that most humans do, we believe that we are powerful and that on earth we are the “dominant species.” When in fact, the way I see it, without our brains or ability to reason we aren’t quite as powerful as we think. Many people, such as actors or singers, show the world a “cool” or almost “ideal” portrait of what society thinks a person should be. To make things worse, they’re paid millions for it. On the other hand, people like doctors and soldiers who are out saving lives or protecting homes every day at higher costs are paid a paltry amount [when compared to what most millionaires do for a living].

With this world’s vague equivalent exchange system I will challenge myself; that is, I’ll give some and, whether good or bad, I’ll undoubtedly get something in return. Many things I’ve thought of accomplishing but this I hold true and dear to my heart: that before, or maybe even after death, I wish to show the world that I exist but in my own way. A simple task, yet one so esoteric that only a selected few choose to challenge it.