Every thing happens for a reason

Annie - Signal Mountain, Tennessee
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

I believe that everything, good or bad happens to me for a reason. In my life I have had many good and many bad things happen to me, and all these happenings have shaped my personality and who I am as an individual.

In 2003, I had an appendicitis and almost died. I was in the hospital for over 3 weeks and was out of school for over 2 months. The doctors miss diagnosed me with a kidney stone and thought it would go away after time. When the pain grew stronger they put me in the hospital. Eventually when the doctors figured out that it was my appendix that had ruptured, they preformed a surgery where they took out my appendix and told me it would never happen again. When something like this happens to you, the only thing you can really think is why me, and I thought this too, when it happened to me. Now I don’t tell you this about me to make you feel bad for me, or for you to say sorry. I learned after I got out of the hospital that you should live everyday like it’s your last. From this experience it has made me a stronger person and to always see the bright side in every situation. You could say that I am more of an optimist now, and you should always have faith in everything you do.

Every thing happens for a reason, does that include death? When someone dies in your life, the first thing you want to do it morn and cry. Death is a powerful thing that most people don’t realize. When my grandfathers died with six months of each other it was hard for me to move past that. To me when a death happens it can only make you stronger. When both of my grandfathers died it took a lot of time and effort to realize that they were in a better place. I know that because of them and because of their lives that I have a strong personality. It has shaped me to become more independent and treasure every day that you have because you never know when it could all come to an end. When it comes to any challenge I will always be the first to take it head on. Because of strong personality I know that I can get through anything I put my whole heart into.

Any time in my life when a good- or bad situation comes along I know that something good can always be around the corner. Everything in life always happens for a reason, that’s why we are all here today.