Different But Equal

Patricia - Washington, District of Columbia
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Different But Equal

I believe that every human being is equal, no mater our culture, language or race. We all have something special inside us and that’s what makes us unique. As a result, I believe that undocumented people and students are as equal as American natives. They should have the right to go to college just as every other student does.

I’m an immigrant who believes that we came to the United States to improve our lives, but at the same, time improve Americans lives by our hard work. I came here to study and in that way to offer a good future for me and my family. However, it frightens me to think that undocumented students may not get access to college just because of their legal status. I believe that it’s wrong to set such restrictions because we are just looking for a better life. We’re not criminals and even when some of our people do certain things that ruin our reputation, we still deserve to be treated as equals.

Every time I hear about undocumented students not having the right to study, I wonder what are we going to do if we have neither the economic nor the political support of the country we are living in? It’s just not fair because we do not want to have the same jobs that our parents have like cleaning or working in a restaurant until 3am. We want to make a change in our community and show others what we are able to do and why we came here. I think that Latinos are able to do many things that people might not think we could do such as graduating from college and maybe even becoming president.

I believe that people should not discriminate us for where we come from or who we are. We are just people trying to get help and help others to show how powerful we can be, and in that way, get the right to study and go to college and make our dreams come true. This is what keeps me studying and believing that one day Latinos will rise from others.

Ever Latino is different, but at the same time, we have something in common which is the pride we have in being Latinos—extremely hard workers–and for that, I believe that the access to college and other opportunities shouldn’t be restricted to us. I’m proud of being who I am and for that I believe we’re only one of a kind: different but equal.