My Persuasive Dreams

Luis - Washington, District of Columbia
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that all my dreams can come true. I believe that I can face any challenge that comes through. Anything can be possible if fairness resides in our lives, but nothing will be possible if we don’t change many people’s minds.

My young life is full of dreams. I dream to be a professional and famous musician; dream to be a poet and persuade many people’s lives with my poems, dream to be a person who gives a reflective and persuasive moral. Therefore, I believe that the world should be free and that everybody should study wherever they want and whatever they want.

As hard workers and students, we “ALIENS,” as many people call us, deserve the opportunity to have a chance, but people don’t want to open their minds. Those who discriminate us, have never experienced what it feels to cross a big piece of unforgiving land where many people die for the American dream and the wanting of a better life.

My personal experience is not as heartbreaking as many other people. But still, the dreams I have seem infected for the fact that wherever I go, I am an illegal person. However, my hopes support my heart and tell me that no matter if I’m an immigrant, dreams will follow me and as every legal person, I have the right to let them come true.

I came to United States, and the country didn’t seem as beautiful as I thought when I was in El Salvador. I learned that when my mom came here it was because she needed a better life in order give better lives to my brother and me. Now, I’m just finishing my ninth grade and as I am getting to the tenth grade, I’m starting to think about how I am going to pay for my college. Being unfair, many people don’t want immigrant people to go to college. They want to restrict their opportunity to show their talents and desires to be good citizens for the nation. Yet, if I wouldn’t have come to this country, I wouldn’t be able to start taking actions to make my dreams true. I am here because in my country I don’t have the open and extended opportunity to make my dreams come true. Now, those opportunities seem tainted for the fact that I am an immigrant and I think that it’s not fair. It’s not fair because the rights that every American student has should be the same for everyone who wants a chance to educate themselves.

In reflection, I think that everybody should be fair and have compassion for the people who come to this country. Instead of making their lives more difficult, help them. Maybe not in the economic aspect, but at least by not discriminating them. Help them to get a good education as everyone deserves. Help them to be good citizens and reach their dreams. This I believe.