Lucky Me

Courtney - Webster City, Iowa
Entered on January 28, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Lucky Me

I believe that the key to being happy is to have a best friend. Without a best friend it would be almost impossible to make it through the bittersweet stages of leaving your youth and ripening into a young adult. In such a short span of your life you are shoved into the unkown. A new world filled with makeup, boys, hormones, acne, expectations, and unused freedoms. The only remedy for this chaos is the warmth and comfort of having someone else there to endure and grow with. Luckily for me I was blessed with two best friends. At the adolescent age of thirteen, when my body was changing and my world as I knew it filled with pure innocence was dwindling away, Alison and Brooke stepped into my life. In the last pleasant five years that we have spent together we have gone through exciting times, helped eachother through many dilemmas, and have helped eachother grow into the person we are today.

Just when something happens to make you think that the expiration date on your life is about to occur, a best friend will step in and rescue you. This has occurred on many occations to me. On a gloomy night around three thirty in the morning all alone, I was lying on my couch relaxed and absorbed in MTV. A bat fluttered down right by my face out of no where, threatening my life. I didn’t know what to do so I pulled my blanket over my head and called my best friend. Her consoling voice stopped my tears and helped me be brave enough to take action. Best friends are like the antidote for your pain. The many times where I have parted from a boyfriend and my spirit will dissolve to nothing, I can just talk to my personal therapists for free, and they’ll relight the fire in me by just a few words. They’ll tell me that there is someone out there for me, and he couldn’t do better than me anyways. Through dark times, depression, burning houses, heart break, ring worm, and creepy creatures we will always be there to help eachother.

Although our lives have had some rough bumps along the way, the fun times that my best friends and I have shared are more plentiful. All three of us have a strong demand for excitement. So when we are not occupied with school and work, we can come up with some foolish things to do. My favorite memories of us have always been spur of the moment ideas that were attained from boredom. Once in late July we decided to pile into a car and go out into the country and get lost. For probably two to three hours we sang and talked. Just when the sun was starting to set, we pulled over to take pictures, and of course we ended up making several music videos too. Another spontaneous adventure was after my 18th birthday when we drove to Ames. In Ames we went to the Asylum and I got a tattoo, Ali got her belly button pierced, and Brooke got her nose pierced. Then we went to buy hair dye and we stayed up the entire night coloring eachothers hair. These fun memories will last me my entire lifetime.

The best part about being eachothers best friend is that we have helped eachother grow. We are honest with eachother, and accept eachother for everything we have done even if it was a little absurd. My friends aren’t afraid to stab me in the front, and that’s what I like most about our friendship. They can tell me what my best qualities are and worst. Through the last five years we have grown into who we are today, and pretty soon high school is ending and our world is going to turn upside down all over again. Luckily for me I have two best friends to catch me again when I fall.