What is in your heart?

Brianna - Stratford, Iowa
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

What’s In Your Heart?

I believe that the sky is the limit, and your heart will determine the rest.

That anything is possible if you set your mind to it and not let anything stop you. This can go for anything, but one thing that stands out the most in my mind is my sport of swimming, the thing I would give up my life for.

In this world there are many possibilities, and everyone knows that those possibilities are waiting for you, you just have to go after them. It all started when I was seven years old and got an invitation to join the Webster City Swim Team. I thought it would be something fun to do, but the down fall was that it was at nine o’clock in the morning in the summer! Who in the right mind would want to wake up that early to go swim in a cold pool? Unfortunately me I guess, because that is when my love for swimming started to blossom. At age seven I was beating most of the older swimmers and our relay team was undefeated all summer, and to me that was pretty cool. To many people I look like a shy, innocent girl who would never be the one to be competitive, but that is the total opposite. I loved getting in the water, and swimming as fast as I could and beat everyone. After several years swimming in the summer, it just wasn’t enough I wanted more and I wanted to get even faster. I decided to join the YMCA team in Boone which was in the winter time. I would drive to Boone three times a week to swim on their team and swim weekend swim meets. I loved everything about swimming, the hard work and intensity. In Boone I was known as the “fast girl,” which I didn’t know until a couple weeks ago. Maybe to other people I was fast, but to me I wasn’t I wanted to be faster.

That is when I gave up everything, my social life, my dancing, and everything I was used to. I joined a swim club in Ames called Ames Cyclone Aquatics Club where there was a lot of “fast” people. There, I was no longer the fastest one, I had to work and be dedicated to show my coach what I was capable of doing. It has been five years since I joined ACAC, and even though my goals may have changed over time, my morning practice times changed from nine A.M to 5:45 A.M, but my passion for swimming hasn’t. I went from swimming on a summer league team, to swimming in a national group and swimming up against the best in the state and country. I realize now that even though you have to give up something for something else, it isn’t always a bad thing. Your friends and family what is most important, will be there for your lifetime, but your goals won‘t be. They could slip away from you at any second, while you are hanging out with your friends, your competition is out there training and getting faster. Although you may be training hard, going to every practice, and working as hard as everyone else, that doesn’t mean you are doing everything there is, your heart has to do the talking.

Through my sport of swimming, I have learned that winning isn’t everything. I have gotten to be a more positive person who looks more at the bigger picture rather than little things, and most of all that anything is possible. The sky is the limit, you have to make it happen through hard work, dedication and your love of the sport.