humans cry

caitlin - Newbury Park, California
Entered on January 27, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Some say to cry is to be weak. But I say to cry is to be human, to be normal. Shed a tear for every loved one you’ve lost. Shed a tear for the future you don’t think you will ever have. Shed a tear for the nightmares you will dream up. Boy or girl. Man or woman. Cry because it is human. This I believe.

A father cried in front of his daughter because she does not wish to live anymore for mistakes he has made. A mother cries because she has lost both of her parents in a single year and is expected to still be a parent to her children. Too often showing emotion is judged. If you were to walk into a room and see a five year old crying you would feel the need to comfort the child and make things better. If you were to walk into a room and find a grown man crying you would turn around and walk away. Thinking, what’s his problem? To decide upon critically is to judge. When water falls from the sky, lightly, heavily, however intense, I can imagine God sitting with his knees pulled up to his chest, sobbing. His head berried and his arms warped around his legs. He cries not because he was unsuccessful or behaved inappropriately; he cries for those who won’t.

I will not cry at the drop of a hat or at some comment another makes at me. I will not cry for those who don’t. I will cry for the lose of loved ones. I will cry for my failures. I will cry for my happiness. There is no one thing that should not be cried for. If one person feels the need to show emotion then they shall do so.

I sat on my mom’s couch in silence. Today is the day my brother gains another number to his age. Reminiscing about playing in the mud together, tagging each other in the backyard that seemed so huge at one point, pretending to be rock stars in the kitchen as we bang on all the pots and pans with the wooden spoons mom would make our dinner with latter that day. He gets his license. He gets his car. He gets his freedom. He is happy. Why am I not? I need to be happy for his new found freedom. I need to discard of these feelings of abandonment. 90% chance precipitation the bold weather man announces on the TV stood in front of me. I glance out the window and the gray dingy sky begins to cry. Rain falls on the window, on the ground, on my face. I cry for the loose of my childhood.

To cry is to be human. There is no right or wrong situation or moment to express your emotions to the world, too yourself. When you hold those emotions in, you leave it up to someone else to expose them for you, whether it be God, a best friend, a complete stranger. Emotions are meant to be shared and learned from. There is nothing holding my tears back but myself.